Our Products & Services

ePsolutions software suite provides companies the ability to manage their entire business work flow. With robust reporting, fully integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) & MDM (Meter Data Management) system, understanding your data has never been easier. Our billing solution handles all of your invoicing and taxing needs while making payment collection a breeze. Inbound and outbound acquisitions allow for rapid growth along with a happy and responsive sales force. Executive teams have a full view of business metrics and forecasting capabilities.

With our advanced billing options, we provide our partners the ability to offer a variety of market specific products. We provide support for multiple commodities, states and countries along with advanced billing options for Postpaid and Prepaid invoicing. We support fixed, flex, float and time of use products. With newly emerging international markets we are proud to announce our expansion into Mexico and Japan.

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Our Features

Customer Acquisition

Acquisition made easy with our self serve, device ready enrollment journey. Broker Portal allows for lead tracking, contract submission and enrollment.


Real-Time EDI/NAESB Service with full interval data integration provides instant market transactions and reliability.

Invoicing & Payments

Postpaid & Prepaid billing with Fixed, Flex and Float pricing capabilities. Taxing powered by Wolters Kluwer SureTax. Payments and Collections are made simple with auto draft capabilities and self serve instant payments via our fully branded Customer Portal.


Template based notification platform provides constant contact with support for SMS, IVR and Email.


Customers are provided insight into usage consumption, account maintenance and customer support access via the customer portal.


Commission tracking and payments via our Broker Portal reduces calculation errors and daily Broker communications.

Reporting & Metrics

Our robust reporting solution allows access to over 200 standard reports including Regulatory, Accounting, Sales & Use Taxes, Acquisition and Forecasting.


Automated contract renewal system allows Brokers and Retail Commodity Providers to be proactive and reduce churn while improving customer relations.

Business Development

Our team is always here to help drive your business to the next level. Our Business Development team provides the expertise and technical skills to help your company adapt to ever changing markets and company objectives.

Our Support

Market Acceptance Testing

We work closely with our partners to guarantee success when expanding into new markets. We handle all regulatory market testing.

Migration & Onboarding

Our team will work closely with all departments to ensure a smooth transition. We migrate your data and handle the entire onboarding process seamlessly.


We provide on-site and remote training for your employees.

24/7/365 Production Monitoring

Your cloud based solution receives constant monitoring giving you piece of mind.

Direct Line Support

With our direct line support, we are available to take your call and help answer any questions.

Email Support

Reporting problems has never been easier with our automated email ticketing system. Once a ticket is submitted, you will be notified of all activity throughout the ticket life cycle.

Community & Idea Portal

Interact with our community to stay connected with market trends and collaborate with the team.

Professional Services

As your business goals and objectives change, our professional services team will work closely to define your requirements and develop a solution.